Learn How to Make A Professional Beat, From Start to Finish.

See what goes on behind the scenes when a professional producer creates a full beat in Logic Pro.

$37 value – FREE for a limited time!

$37 value – FREE for a limited time!

Course Instructor: Nicholas Tchernov

One of the best ways to learn how to create professional music is by watching the professionals do it first-hand!

And with course, you’ll get to watch the esteemed producer, Nicholas Tchernov, make an insane beat from scratch.

Throughout the entire track creation process, he’ll be explaining exactly what he’s doing step-by-step without leaving any of the details out.

This way you’ll gain such a deep understanding of how to produce beats.

And you’ll also be able to immediately start implementing the techniques into your own production!

Watch this start to finish course, and start learning how to make professional beats in Logic Pro now!

This Free Course Includes:
  • 7 Videos
  • Free Logic Project File
  • Learn How To Make A Professional Beat in Logic Pro Today.