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Get Access to Thousands
of Soundbanks & Resources

Find the exact sounds you need for your Genre, VST, and DAW! Plus get instant sparks of inspiration with new content, updated regularly.

Learn From Professional
Producers Anywhere

Master new production techniques by watching our specialized tutorials, in-depth courses, and weekly live streams, all created by our team of world class producers.

Join the Most Interactive
Community of Producers

Get valuable feedback from the team, expand your network, and collaborate with others in our Exclusive Mastermind Group.

Every Production Resource You Need. Right At Your Finger Tips.

Hundreds of premium samples, project files, presets, and other resources crafted to fit your specific VST, DAW, and genre needs. 100% royalty free.

When we created this new platform, we wanted to make sure it gives you access to hundreds of different sound banks of every single type of VST and genre.

This way, you’ll not only be able to download the exact sounds you need on demand, but you’ll also be able to branch out of your comfort zone and experiment with tons of different genres.

And the best part is, the production team will be updating the production resources almost daily with high quality new content.

Listen to some of what has to offer:

“Candy” – Future Bass Project File
for Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio

“Nobody” – Trap Project File
for Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio

“Turn It Up” – Dubstep Project File
for Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio

“Sparks” – Chillwave Project File
for Ableton / Logic Pro / FL Studio

Element for Xfer Serum Series
Element Leads, Plucks, & Keys Preset Packs

House Essential Samples Vol 1
Sample pack

Production Resources Include:

Sample Packs

High quality one shot samples and loops crafted to make your songs memorable and unique.

Xfer Serum Presets & Wavetables

Learn from meticulously designed patches created by our world class sound designers.

Foley Recordings

Bring an organic sound to your tracks with professionally recorded foley samples.


Bring world class pianists to your production with professionally written MIDI files that give you endless inspiration.

Project Files

Reverse engineer and learn from professional project files designed for multiple DAWs.

Massive, FM8, Sylenth1 Presets

Finally get the high quality sounds you need for the most popular VSTs.

Real Instrument Recordings

Bring your tracks to life with real instruments that feel like you’re working with a live musician.

+ You Decide

Get the exact sounds you need by telling us what you want! Vote on new soundbanks and voice your opinion on what we should create next.

Learn From the Pros to
Produce Like the Pros.

Learn production skills no matter if you’re a beginner or expert
with 140+ Music Production Courses & tutorials.

It’s always been a dream for us to get more into the educational part of production, because it just doesn’t seem like there’s any easily accessible options for producers.

So, we designed a ton of next-level, in-depth courses and tutorials that make it effortless for producers to learn exactly what they need to know.

In these tutorials and courses, we show you secret techniques, explain overarching concepts, and even show you how we create all our soundbanks; everything from how we design our sounds to how we process our drums.

This way you’ll be able to grasp world-class production concepts in a fraction of the time!

Courses & Tutorials Included for:

Tutorials & courses will also be created based on what you
request in the Mastermind Group.

Test Your Skills In Monthly Remix
Contests to Win Incredible Prizes.

Just by joining, you’ll be invited to all our upcoming remix contests that we’ll be hosting EVERY month!

This will be a perfect opportunity for you to apply all your new knowledge, challenge yourself, and finally show the world what you’re made of.

And the best part is, by entering, you’ll have the chance to gain traction for your music project, get valuable production equipment, and even win cash rewards.

Learn Directly From World Class Producers
Through Weekly Private Livestreams.

All live streams will also be recorded and archived for future access.

Watch from anywhere
on any device.

Get your questions answered
by professional producers.

Watch previous livestreams
any time you want.

When it comes to music production, every artist knows unique production techniques…

That’s why we’ll be hosting weekly live streams where you’ll be exposed to dozens of different perspectives, tons of unique insight, and so many types of producers that you can learn from.

You’ll be able to interact with professional producers as they create tracks from scratch and ask them questions in real time to get help at the exact moments you get confused.

We have even already hosted livestreams with artists such as Jorge from Boombox Cartel and Ricky Remedy!

This sort of tailored help is usually only found behind the walls of a production school, but with, the classroom will brought directly to you. Complete Overview

New Content Added Every Single Day

Suitable for Beginner-Advanced Producers

100% Royalty Free Resources

65+ Music Production Packs*

120+ Tutorials*

Monthly Remix Contests

Community Song Feedback (Upcoming Feature)

Weekly Livestreams

20+ In Depth Courses*

$1 for the First Month

*These numbers reflect the amount of content available on
at the initial launch. New content will be added daily!

Gain Access for $1

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription to at ANY TIME.

There are NO strings attached. Seriously – there’s no cancellation fees and you won’t have to go through any hassle.

The only thing is, if you cancel, you will no longer have access to our courses, tutorials, samples, presets, mastermind group, live streams, or remix contests.

Absolutely not!

The main reason we created is to ensure that ANY producer will be able to completely advance their production regardless of what software they have, their skill level, or their location.

So we made sure to provide more than enough resources, no matter if you use Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, FM8 or another software/program.

With plenty of project files, presets, courses and tutorials available for just about every software used in a modern studio, you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for your specific situation.

(More VSTs, DAWs, and other program resources will be added in future updates.)


Seriously, any skill level.

Producing music should be a fun experience for everybody – From those just starting out, to those who are headlining massive festivals.

So, to provide resources for all producers, we created courses and tutorials that cover techniques for beginners, intermediate level producers, and the advanced ones.

And all of our presets and samples are easy and ready to use for everybody interested in making music.

Beginners will quickly learn how to make music, while those at an intermediate level will have resources to become an advanced producer. And the advanced producers will be able to learn techniques that can revolutionize their productions.

This way, anyone who wants to make music, is looking to improve, or just purely interested in HOW music is made will be able to find tremendous value with

As of now, we’re only accepting a small group of dedicated producers on the initial release of We honestly can’t imagine taking in more than a few thousand producers.

We’ve already tested, and the results that have been reported back are staggering.

However, this is not just another new pack. This is a completely new platform that needs personal attention from our whole team.

For that reason, we would like to ensure that the producers who do join receive the best possible experience by limiting entry.

Although has similar aspects to an actual production school, it is 100% online and does not require ANY in person interactions.

That means that no matter you live, you’ll be able to get the FULL experience of learning production.

This includes everything from receiving professional soundbanks, interacting and learning from the pros, and joining an online community of thousands of producers.

You’ll be able to do it all from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are from.

Every month, you’ll be receiving 1,000 credits which will allow you to purchase all the soundbanks, project files and other production resources you need.

To give you an idea of what you can get with that…

➜ 1,000 points = 8 Sample Packs = ~600-1000 Samples
➜ 1,000 points = 6 Xfer Serum Packs = 180 Presets
➜ 1,000 points = 6 Project Files

This might sound like a ridiculous deal, since this is nearly the same number of sounds in our HUGE, premium packs like Helix, Nuclear, Titan, or Infinity.

Not to mention, instead of paying up to $247 for this many sounds, you’ll get all of these packs (plus everything else we offer on for almost 10 times less!

You Get it ALL For a Full 30 Days – For Just $1

This not a joke!

We’ve seen how powerful this platform can be, and now we want you to experience it for yourself for just $1.

And if you go into and love what you see, that’s great!

Do nothing, and you’ll automatically be updated to full member status.

If not, that’s okay too.

Just cancel before the 30 days are up and you’ll never be charged.

And just to let you in on a secret, we don’t actually charge you until the 33rd day, just in case it’s a weekend or you’re traveling.

We also send you 2 reminders before your rebilling takes place, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.

But if you do love it, and we’re pretty confident that you will, you’ll automatically be renewed at our member rate of just $27 a month.

And what you’ll soon see when you join is that this is miniscule compared to everything you’ll be receiving with this platform.

Not to mention, if you join after your $1 month, and then realize that you are not 100% happy with every single element in, you can cancel this service at any time.

There are no strings attached.

And you can even get all your money back for the month if you cancel within 30 days of when your full membership starts.